Re-connecting to the Earth helps to preserve and perpetuate optimum wellness, both physically and psychologically. Regard Earthing (aka grounding) as a FREE, simple, effortless, and natural form of anti-aging and preventive medicine, whether you perceive conscious benefits or not. I would think that Earthing, initiated in youth, would preserve a generally healthy condition throughout a lifetime. We are Earthly beings, designed to live on this particular planet, this spinning ball, floating in space. Earthing is our intimate, personal connection to this inexhaustible source of rejuvenation. Like a worn down battery receiving a charge, our bodies naturally respond to this life-giving energy from our Mother Earth. To me, it just seems like such an incredibly rational choice...   


    I have tallied up all the reviews on Amazon for seven different Earthing devices. Out of 734 opinions, 72% expressed either a 5 star (63%) or 4 star (9%) rating. Some pretty good odds, I would surmise... However, there are those who aren't aware of any health improvements. Everyone is totally unique, with a unique destiny. Understand, Earthing itself doesn't cure anything, it simply provides the necessary energy and support for the body to self-heal. Time, and patience are key factors. Whatever ailments you may have took a lifetime to manifest. Accordingly, it may take a length of time to see results, or not. Some people experience near-immediate changes, perhaps you will be one of those... My suggestion - give it at least a year before passing any judgment. What do you have to lose, or gain?



Links >

www.earthinginstitute.net   (Excellent informational resource → If you want to learn more about Earthing, this is the place to start.)

www.earthing.com (Primary worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Earthing Products. There are also various independent dealers marketing their products in many countries.)

www.bearfootgrounding.com  (Information, Videos, Earthing Products.)


There are two full-length documentary films about Earthing: “Grounded” and “Heal for Free” (aka Grounded 2).

The DVD's are available at www.amazon.com, and other sources.  You can also stream “Grounded” off of the Internet at: http://earthingcanada.ca/grounded-documentary


Earthing has been utilized in the grueling Tour de France cycling competition and proven to enhance athletic performance and aid recovery and healing. Video:  https://youtube.com/watch? v=icZIZ5UUoOE


The book “Earthing” is available at Amazon, and many other sources. This publication is generally considered to be the “Bible” of Grounding, and the ultimate informational resource. Be sure to get the 2nd edition.


There is much more information available on the Internet, do a web search. There are also many videos on the subject available on YouTube as well.



*** Of course, the ultimate Earthing practice is simply walking on the Earth barefoot, as our ancestors did. But, how many of us in this modern world are able to do this consistently on a daily basis. Practicality dictates another method. This is where Earthing devices come in, they allow us to connect with the energy of the planet practically anywhere. I have utilized various commercial devices over the years, and have also designed and built several for specific purposes. I just thought it might be useful for others to display these tools, perhaps they will inspire some of your own creations.


My Earthing Tools...  


Energy for Life

We experimented with an aluminum window screen bed pad. It's highly conductive and cheap to construct, about $20 total cost. And, it should last pretty much forever. But, there are downsides: You can feel the rough texture under a sheet, it tends to fold up in spots and become lumpy, and wires sometimes poke through the taped edges.


Wrist/ankle (body) bands are probably the most universally useful tools. They can be utilized pretty much anywhere, including in bed. I have the standard commercial orange bands stationed at various places around the house, grounded through electrical outlets. However, they eventually stretch to the point of un-usability. So, I constructed one from a conductive watch band, with a copper insert. It's highly conductive, and long-term durable. I use this at the location where I spend the most waking time.


I constructed this as a halo, for localized head/brain therapy. Easy to build, it's just heavy copper wire, what I would call elegant simplicity.                                 >                                                                       

This is a conductive pad for localized pain and general therapy anywhere.


I constructed these glasses because I have an eye injury and they allow me to place the grounding contact directly on my eyelid.    >                                                                                                                         

Conductive socks utilizing 2 cords allow

electrons from the earth to flow up through both feet and legs simultaneously.



Grounded bed sheets are perhaps the most important tool in the box for several reasons: This is the time period when your body is in rejuvenation mode, you have full body contact with the sheet, and because of the extended time spent in contact with them. We initially purchased the standard commercial sheets, but they only lasted about a year before becoming non-conductive. The next experiment was with window screen (photo below). Subsequently, we purchased some premium, highly conductive (1 ohm/sq) cloth and stitched it onto a standard fitted sheet. This is conductive enough that it functions well underneath a regular [cotton] sheet, and through sleep clothing. Thus, it should last indefinitely since it is not directly exposed to body oils and wear. It is wired directly to a dedicated ground rod, through a .1 amp fuse. The cloth is called Technicot.

Note: It is highly advisable to periodically test all devices for conductivity with a multimeter or one of the commercial testers that are available.